Good Quality 6.6KW Solar Power System

  • 18 x 370W High Efficiency Half Cut Panels
  • Latest mono half cut solar panels
  • Excellent weak light performance
  • 25-year linear performance warranty

  • 1 x 5kW High quality dual string solar inverter
  • Online monitoring apps (Optional)
  • Best warranty and backup support
  • High protection class IP65 (indoor/outdoor use)

  • CEC Accredited Licensed Solar Electrician
  • High quality electrical material
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum racking system
  • Local service and support

The 6.6 KW Solar System is easy to install and affordable solar system that provides enough power for the average home without needing batteries or inverters. Rooftop solar can install this solar power system on rooftops, carports, and in-ground systems. The 6.6Kw system has a 25-year performance warranty and is designed to last decades.

Is Your Home Suitable For A 6.6kw Solar System?

For homeowners who use 15–25 kWh per day, a 6.6 kW solar system is suitable. A larger 8kw–10kw solar system will be ideal if your daily energy usage is more significant than 25kwh.

How much energy you consume and when you use it should be considered. For instance, a more extensive system will be required for a homeowner who spends little time at home compared to someone who uses a lot of electricity during the day. This is because the energy generated and utilised by your home is more valuable than the energy generated and sent to an energy provider via a feed-in tariff.

Since each home is different, it is necessary to analyse your bills, consumption patterns, budget, and available roof space to determine whether a particular solar system size will be a good fit for your home and energy usage.

To fit as many solar panels on your roof as you can, you might think about oversizing your solar system about your energy bill. By doing this, you'll be able to take advantage of the brief window during which your solar system is producing at maximum capacity and produce as much electricity as you can.

How Many Solar Panels Are In A 6.6kw System? 6.6kw is the result of multiplying a 370w solar panel by 18, depending on the brand and wattage size of the solar panel. You'll need fewer solar panels if the individual panel power is larger.

Fewer panels can allow you to place a larger system on your roof with the same amount of space. Due to less aluminium frame, a larger panel will often provide more watts per square metre due to less aluminium frame.

The solar industry is one of Australia's most competitive areas, with over 6,000 businesses registered with the Clean Energy Council to install solar. Market margins are now forced to be extremely small as a result. Unfortunately, to offer "crazy prices" and support them with large marketing budgets to produce high volumes, some installers have been obliged to compromise the quality of their products and services. Although these tactics have driven costs down, they haven't typically result in better customer conditions.

How Much Is Energy Produced Each Day By A 6.6kW Solar System?

Depending on your state, your 6.6kw will have a range of outputs. The output of your solar system is calculated using the maximum number of sun hours produced on average each day in your state. For instance, Brisbane typically experiences 4.2 to 4.5 hours of peak sunlight per day throughout the year; to determine how much power your system will produce, multiply your peak solar hours by the system size. For 6.6kw x 4.2 = 27.72kwh per day of consumption

The output of your system can be affected by a variety of factors, including:

  • the way your panels are oriented ( North is the most optimal direction )
  • Rating of system efficiency (often between 80 and 90 per cent of the overall output of the solar system)
  • The angle of the panel tilt
  • Possible obstructions such as shade or physical ones like bird poop or dust
  • Place in the world

A 6kw solar system's estimated outputs are displayed in the graph below, along with several locations. Add 10% for Brisbane, which results in average annual production for a 6.6kw solar system of 26.4kwh

What Is The Payoff Period For A 6.6Kw System?

It would take 3.2 years for an average Brisbane homeowner to see their full return on investment if they spent $5400 on a 6.6kw solar system.

Many solar providers offer a fixed-interest financing option if paying for a solar system in full is not feasible. Small loan providers like Humm & Bright are one of the most well-liked options.

Whether you finance a solar system yourself or through one of the services mentioned, the time, it takes to pay it off varies.

The benefits of selecting a financing option enable you to install solar sooner rather than later and, in many cases, pay less, if not the same, as you did when you paid your energy suppliers' electricity bills. You would replace your energy payment with a financial payback plan over a predetermined period, often 3-5 years, for a 6.6kw.

In many cases, solar owners can expect to pay the same, if not less, than their typical electricity bill, with the solar system eventually paying for itself.

A self-financed solar system will offer a quicker return on investment. You will need to wait 2.5–3.2 years for a 6.6kw system to pay for itself.

Other things to think about while calculating your payback term are.

  • How much of the day and how much of the night do you spend at home?
  • Do you have any plans to add more devices that require electricity?
  • Is gas or electricity required for hot water?
  • the number of hours per day that your location receives sunshine
  • How many people do you have living there?

When carried out properly, installing solar can be a straightforward process, and understanding your payback period will help you estimate the amount of money you will save over the years you have solar.

How Much Can A 6.6kw Solar System in Brisbane Save Me?

With a 6.6kw solar system, a homeowner who uses 50% of the energy they produce and sells the other 50% back to the grid may expect to save $1,659 per year. This is based on the assumption that you sell your electricity for $0.08 per kilowatt hour (a standard feed-in tariff in Brisbane), that you pay $0.25 per kilowatt hour for the electricity you purchase from your energy provider, and that your 6.6-kilowatt system is producing 27-kilowatt hours of electricity per day.

Given the many factors, you'll discover that most people fall into one of three categories regarding their energy usage. A good generalisation is that you can save more money by utilising more solar energy than you sell.

Your Energy Use and Solar Savings: How They Relate 1: Daytime usage is minimal (30–50%)

50–70% of the Medium Daytime Usage

Annual savings of $1,659 to $1960 are anticipated

High Daytime Usage: 70% to 100%

Annual savings of $1960 to $2463 are anticipated.

What Rebates & STCs Will I Receive For A 6.6Kw In 2022?

Rebates usually referred to as STC certificates, are a way for the government to give Australians financial incentives to install solar power. Each state has its system of rebates in place, and in Queensland, STCs are given out based on the size of the installed solar system. The return to cover the cost of the solar system increases with system size.

You will get less return every year, and the government will pay you less overall. You would pay $39.25 for each of the 82 STC certificates for 6.6kw that you would purchase in March 2022, totalling a $3218.5 rebate.

But if you wait a year, you'll only get 72 STC certificates worth $2826, which is less. To see how much your rebate will be worth in 2022, visit our solar rebate calculator.

Why Choose rooftop solar?

If you're looking for the best solar power installer in Brisbane, get in touch with the Rooftop Solar team. In Brisbane, we are the top solar installers. It is a well-known brand in the solar systems industry. The advantages of selecting rooftop Solar are as follows:

Exceptional Materials

The solar systems sold by Sunny Sky Solar are made of premium components. Due to heat, moisture, wind, or snow, these materials do not rust or degrade.

Effective Team

A Hybrid Solar Power System can be installed in homes or businesses by Sunny Sky Solar's qualified and experienced crew. They arrive quickly and install your system in a short period.

Various Solar System Types

A 5 kW solar power system, a 6 kW solar power system, and various systems are available from Sunny Sky Solar. You can check through the list and select the best solar battery for residences, businesses, or shopping centres. In addition, 10kW solar energy is available in Brisbane for larger residences, businesses, and shops.

Request A Callback

Request a call back from a knowledgeable solar specialist. All you have to do is enter your contact information and the best available time, and we will call you to see whether solar is a realistic option for your home.



The 6.6kW residential solar system comes with 18 solar panels of 370W each with 5kW inverter. 6.6kW solar system generates approximately 9855 kWh annually with an average 27kWh per day power generation.

A good quality 6.6kW solar power system generates an average 27kWh per day which can give you up to $1600 annually return on your solar system investment depending on location of the panels and daytime power consumptions, suitable for home with $450+ quarterly power bill.

A 6.6kW solar power system is perfect for bigger homes. Solar panel’s size is around 1.69m in length by 1m wide. So, to install a 6.6kW system with 20 solar panels you need 34m2 roof area.

According to current feed in tariff, we suggest, with any solar panels system, you use most of electricity from your solar power system during the daytime as current feed in tariff is approximately 6c to 15c depends on power retailer offer other side you pay almost 4 times more on each kwh for electricity so more you use more you will save. We design the most affordable 6.6kW solar system package that your payback remains approximately 3 to 5 years. So, you can cover your investment in the warranty period.

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