Good Quality 50kW Solar Power System

  • 136 x 370W High Efficiency Half Cut Panels
  • Latest mono half cut solar panels
  • Excellent weak light performance
  • 25-year linear performance warranty

  • 1 x 50kW High quality dual string solar inverter
  • Online monitoring apps (Optional)
  • Best warranty and backup support
  • High protection class IP65 (indoor/outdoor use)

  • CEC Accredited Licensed Solar Electrician
  • High quality electrical material
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum racking system
  • Local service and support

Solar energy is the way of the future, particularly for major companies that need to keep enormous equipment, electronic instruments, and gadgets running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For solar power systems with a capacity of 50kw, Rooftop Solar offers panels with the most recent technological advancements and industry-leading support. At Rooftop Solar, we have a team of solar panel installers that are skilled in the installation of 50kw solar systems in Brisbane and have years of expertise in assisting companies with their transition to solar energy. We instal the most cutting-edge solar panels available, which are categorised as Tier 1, to guarantee a high rate of energy conversion and low ongoing maintenance expenses. The output of a 50kw solar system may be significantly increased by using a productive arrangement of tier 1 solar panels in conjunction with a 50kw solar system inverter. Because of our extensive experience in the business and the high calibre of our services, we have established a solid reputation in Brisbane as the most reputable supplier of commercial solar. We are able to assist you in locating a pricing offer on a 50kw solar system in Brisbane that is comparable to others on the market.


Rooftop Solar is an Australian-owned and operated business with the mission of making renewable energy solutions available to a greater number of Australians at prices that are more reasonable. We are committed to maximising the use of renewable energy sources and creating a brighter future that is both healthier and more environmentally friendly for our fellow Australians. Because the government's incentives are gradually diminishing over time, this year is an especially important one for people in Australia to take action.


1. The installation of a solar energy system in your house can help you become more environmentally conscious while also lowering the amount that you pay for your monthly power bill. Because there are no moving components in the system, solar panels have a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years and need very little maintenance throughout that time.

2. Solar energy, in contrast to fossil fuels like coal and oil, which release harmful gases when they are burned, is a clean and sustainable source of electricity. Installing a solar power system with 50 kilowatts of capacity is equivalent to growing more than 800 trees and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 tonnes per year.

3. Solar energy systems are an excellent long-term investment. Our clients are able to experience a return on investment of 25-30% since they get significant savings on their monthly power bills. Purchasing photovoltaic panels and associated equipment is a shrewd investment that does not expose the buyer to any significant risks and is anticipated to provide a high rate of return.


1. Because we are committed to being as open and honest as possible, we provide our clients with a comprehensive selection of goods and services from which they may make their purchase decisions.

2. Since we are committed to providing excellent service to our customers, we have developed an industry-leading support system that prioritises their simplicity and convenience.

3. Since we place a high value on craftsmanship, our in-house workforce has undergone extensive training to prepare them for their roles in the production process.

4. Furthermore, we have the most highly sought-after team of engineers in order to create, test, and exceed our competition since we have faith in engineering.



The 50kW commercial solar panel system comes with 136 solar panels of 370W each with 50kW 3phase inverters. 50kW solar panel system generates approximately 110000kWh annually with an average 300kWh per day power generation.

A best quality 50kW commercial solar power system generates an average 300kWh per day which can give you up to $25000 annually return on your solar system investment depending on location of the panels and daytime power consumptions, suitable for commercial warehouses and small business with $2000+ quarterly power bill.

A 50kW commercial solar power system is perfect for commercial warehouses and small business. Solar panel’s size is around 1.79m in length by 1m wide. So, to install a 50kW solar system with solar panels you need 245m2 roof area.

According to current feed in tariff, we suggest, with any solar power system you use most of electricity from your solar power system during the daytime as current feed in tariff is approximately 8c to 15c depends on power retailer offer other side you pay almost 4 times more on each kwh for electricity so more you use more you will save. We design the most affordable 30kW solar system package that your payback remains approximately 2 to 4years. So, you can cover your investment in the warranty period. For business solar panels system comes with Easy payment options available

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