Good Quality 10.36kW Solar Power System

  • 28 x 370W High Efficiency Half Cut Panels
  • Latest mono half cut solar panels
  • Excellent weak light performance
  • 25-year linear performance warranty

  • 1 x 8kW High quality dual string solar inverter
  • Online monitoring apps (Optional)
  • Best warranty and backup support
  • High protection class IP65 (indoor/outdoor use)

  • CEC Accredited Licensed Solar Electrician
  • High quality electrical material
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum racking system
  • Local service and support

Due to various considerations, including their price, size, and ease of approval when connecting to the grid, 9.9kW solar systems for homes in Brisbane are growing in popularity among Australian homes. The following factors, including cost, energy returns, and their allure as an investment, should be kept in mind if you consider installing a 9.9kW solar system on your Brisbane home.

How many solar panels are needed for a 9.9kW Brisbane home solar system? How much space is needed?

A 9.9kW solar array with 370W panels nowadays will have roughly 27 panels.

A 9.9kw solar system for a home in Brisbane will need a roof area of roughly 37 to 40 m2, depending on how your roof is laid out and whether you need tilt frames. Each panel typically measures out to about 1.7 m2. Therefore tilt frames may be necessary (which need to be spaced out more than panels mounted flush on the roof). Important information regarding inverters for a 9.9kW solar system for a Brisbane home

The most recent installations are 9.9kW solar systems for residences in Brisbane.

Don't be shocked if the recommended inverter for your System is only 8kW or 8.5kW, even though a 9.9kW solar system for a home in Brisbane may contain 9.9kw worth of solar panels. Due to the huge popularity of 8kW solar systems in Australia (including the fact that this site is already pre-approved for grid connection on virtually every network in the nation), 8kW inverters are also considerably more widely available. Since they include an 8kW inverter, many of the 9.9kw solar systems for homes in Brisbane currently on the market are 'overclocked' systems. With advantages like higher solar energy yields in the morning and the afternoon, even if "peak" production is reduced to 8kW in the middle of the day, this is completely acceptable under Clean Energy Council rules.

The output of your system can be affected by a variety of factors, including:

How much does it cost to install a 9.9kw solar system in Brisbane for home cost?

Since August 2012, Solar Choice has been monitoring residential solar system costs with our monthly Solar PV Price Index.

A 9.9kw solar system for a home in Brisbane costs between $400 and $5,000, much less than it would have cost even a few years ago.

However, there are significant price variations for solar systems on the market. A 9.9kw solar system for a home in Brisbane made out of less expensive, low-end components will be less expensive, whilst premium options would often be more expensive.

How much electricity can a 9.9 kW solar system in Brisbane produce for a house?

The actual power production of a 9.9kw solar system for a residence in Brisbane will vary depending on several variables. These elements consist of the following:

  • Location and regional weather
  • The angle of tilt and panel orientation of the solar array
  • whether the panels are under any shade.
  • The effectiveness of the various components (primarily the panels and inverter)
  • The amount of sunlight hitting a solar system solar panels influences the System's output, making location one of the key factors affecting energy yields.

Specifications for a 9.9 kW Solar System

The sort of solar panels you use will determine the dimensions and features of your solar System. The typical dimensions of a solar panel are 1.6 m x 1 m. The majority of panels installed range today in power from 275 to 350 watts

You require how much roof area for a 10kW system.

It would take 36 solar panels to produce 10 kilowatts of solar energy using 275-watt 60-cell panels. As a result, 57.6 m2 of roof area would be needed, and 9,900 watts would be produced (making it a 9.9kW system).

Thirty-three panels are required for systems using 300-watt 60-cell panels. Which uses 52.8 square metres of roof area and produces 9,900 watts of solar power (also making this a 9.9kW system)

Rooftop solar would require twenty-eight solar panels to generate 350 watts from 72-cell panels, which would require 44.8 square metres of roof space and produce 9,800 watts (making this a 9.8kW system).

These illustrations show numerous ways to answer the question of how much roof space a 10kW solar system will require. Generally, between 28 and 36 solar panels are required for a 10kW installation. Rooftop solar will need 44 to 58 square metres for this.

Who Should Use the 9.9kW System?

Not everyone needs to produce solar electricity at a rate of up to 10kW. One should unquestionably consider smaller system sizes for tiny homes or homes with low energy use. However, if you live in a large home with lots of big appliances that use a lot of energy, this might be your best investment.

Ten kilowatts of solar power could save you a lot of your monthly electricity cost is around $800. Reverse-cycle air conditioning, swimming pools, home automation, and pool pumps can all significantly increase your electricity costs.

Another strong competitor for 10kW solar systems is small enterprises. High daily energy use indicates that you may maximise your savings by balancing those expenses through solar energy.

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The 10.36kW residential Solar Panels system comes with 27 mono half cut solar panels of 370W each with 8kW inverter. 10.36kW solar system generates approximately 17520kWh annually with an average 48kWh per day power generation.

A good quality 10.36kW solar power system generates an average 48kWh per day which can give you up to $2800 annually return on your solar system investment depending on location of the panels and daytime power consumptions, suitable for home with $600+ quarterly power bill.

A 10.36kW solar power system is perfect for bigger homes. Solar panel’s size is around 1.69m in length by 1m wide. So, to install a 10.36kW solar system with 30 solar panels you need 52m2 roof area.

According to current feed in tariff, we suggest, with any solar system you use most of electricity from your solar power system during the daytime as current feed in tariff is approximately 8c to 15c depends on power retailer offer other side you pay almost 4 times more on each kwh for electricity so more you use more you will save. We design the most affordable 10.36kW solar system package with best solar panels that your payback remains approximately 3 to 5 years. So, you can cover your investment in the warranty period.

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